60 pounds – 4 bowling balls. The amount of weight I’m not carrying around anymore since my peak on February 15, 2019. Thirty years ago I spent a week paragliding near Cashmere, WA, they needed my weight to size my paraglider, he guessed 200 pounds, but I corrected him, “198 pounds”. He chuckled that those 2 pounds were so important to me.

Well this week I’m once again at paragliding weight. For some reason the round number of 200 was not a milestone worth celebrating, I needed 2 more pounds to compete with my 30 year younger self. I only have a couple more weights I can remember, 175 pounds in the first years of marriage, 150 pounds in college.

The pounds come off very slowly now, and I’m not really focused on weight, primarily health in general. But I wouldn’t mind reaching early marriage weight by June 1, 2020, next year.

I’ve been very pleased with the whole foods, plant based diet. It’s very comfortable and natural now, I have many new favorite foods. But more importantly, I feel great, much more energy.

I’ve enjoyed the fresh apples this fall like never before, fresh apples are amazing! And my morning routine of Bob’s Red Mill Muesli is something I can’t live without anymore, so good with all my add-ons of fresh fruit, coconut, walnuts, cinnamon, …