Day 3 – Diet

I’ve been on Keto diet since February 15th, 135 days. I’ve lost 35 pounds, but have plateaued in the last month. Overall I’m happy with the Keto diet, but feel I’m ready for some adjustments.

The first is to eat less processed foods. I’m not sure the beef jerky, sausage & bacon is all that good for me long term. It’s a lot of salt that’s not good for my blood pressure. And I need to look at the ingredients of any condiments, sauces, salad dressing, etc. I’d like to cut out any preservatives in my food.

Second is to eat more vegetables. I have to admit, when I started on Keto diet I was eating meals that were mostly, if not all meat. Over time I’ve included more vegetables, and I feel better when I do. But I’d like to take it further, eat mostly vegetables, nuts, fruit, with a little fish or chicken maybe a couple times a week.

I’ve never liked avocados, or hummus, but it’s probably good I should start liking it. So I’m going to immerse myself into a whole food vegan diet for at least a week, maybe two, beginning on Sunday when I travel to Kauai. I want to at least develop a taste for it and at minimum bring back a more whole foods, mostly vegan approach to Keto.

A friend gave me a book, “Finding Ultra” that is fascinating. It’s about an out of shape, sedentary guy that transforms into competing in Ultraman competitions. I’m guessing there is a vegan diet involved, but I haven’t reached that part of the book yet. Very impressive what he’s done.

This morning as I sip my coffee and look out over the ocean, I’m planning a very veggie oriented eating day. And wondering how black coffee will taste once I begin eating vegan, hmmm.

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