Day 32 – Celebrate!

My two goals for July: 1) to get healthy and 2) lower my blood pressure to slow CKD and heart disease. Mid-month in Kauai my eustachian tubes cleared completely and my morning cough was gone. And my average blood pressure for the last week has been under 120/80. Yay!!!

So time to celebrate. I haven’t always wanted to skydive, but lately, the combination of excitement and terror became very appealing. I didn’t want to reach the end of life and say, “I wish I would have gone skydiving”.

So to celebrate and memorialize the month’s health accomplishments, I did it today! And it was wonderful. Sure, the excitement and terror was there, but only the initial exit from the plane.

Then it was just amazing! Free falling, but no real sense of speed except for the wind. Then the chute opened and he passed me the controls to steer around the sky. It was a beautiful day, we were flying over farmland with three mountains in view.


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