Day 4 – Exercise

I’m walking 5 miles a day now, which is not that hard when I’m not working. But I need to plan for getting back to work and dealing with travel days. I’m thinking I’ll need to get up earlier and walk for an hour before my flight, then another hour when I arrive on the other end.

Also, I’m going to need to stay an extra night while travelling. No more working all day on the east coast and catching an evening flight home, or to the next location, there’s no time for exercise. So it’s decided, I’ll exercise in the evenings, and fly the next morning.

Travelling to three locations a week is not going to work anymore, though I doubt it was actually working for me anyway. It wore me out and kept me from healing.

And when I’m home, I’ll work at the treadmill desk again. I got lazy the last two years and started sitting down to work. New rule, no sitting until I’ve walked 5 miles.

But, I had a really pleasant walk today. The weather was great, I listened to music, smiled and said “hi” to the few people I passed and stopped to smell the roses:

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