Day 6 – Oregon Coast Trail

Walking 5 miles a day means I’ve seen more of Depoe Bay this year than in the previous 18 years coming out here combined. Yesterday I found a city park I never knew existed. And today I ran into the Oregon Coast Trail heading into the woods just 1/3 mile north on Hwy 101, I had to take it.

It was just 2 years ago that my friend Quinton hiked the entire Pacific Coast Trail on his sabbatical. I spent 3 days with him. I have great memories of the time hiking and talking, and one windy, rainy night camping on the beach. Good times.

And today was a good day, no stress, diet and exercise plans in place, blood pressure starting to head in the right direction. I see my doctor the end of next week for a mid-month status check, I’m anxious to see how my numbers are doing.

BTW, I’m not staying up to watch fireworks tonight. Getting up early to watch the waves over 2 or 3 cups of coffee is just too good.

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